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 I recently received a chair massage from Mika and must say it was fantastic. I am a full-time law student and do a large amount of reading, which creates a lot of back and neck tension. After my chair massage, I felt like I could study the rest of the week without any problems. Mika does very well at adjusting to each individual's needs and is very cordial and pleasant to be around. Thank you so much, Mika! - B.E.


Mika is fantastic, professional and very dedicated. Everytime I visit, I always feel relaxed, and welcomed. At the end of every session, I feel re-energized and stress-free. I really give Mika all the credit for how caring she is with her massage therapy. - HMF.


Mika's massage treatments help me to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Her calming nature and professionalism help create an environment that allows me to experience the benefits of massage to the fullest degree. Thanks Mika. - BBC


My first aromatherapy massage with Mika was so pleasant and relaxing, that I've decided to have regular treatments. I feel Mika has a healing touch, and that she truly listens to what I need and want in a massage. I recommend Mika's massage work wholeheartedly. - Gina


I received a massage from Mika the other day, and I thought to write a review on my experience.  Having been the co-founder, and original co-owner of the Barefoot Sage in Portland, Oregon, I have received a lot of massage in the last ten years.  Mika’s massage is gifted.  The reason I say that she is gifted, is because she is attuned to your body while she is working, and thus it gives her touch a sense of both knowing and presence.  This is a rare skill from a body worker who is newly “minted.†I see great things ahead for Mika in her practice, and I highly recommend her.  

Jonathan Schell L.Ac.
Alethea Acupuncture Clinic 




Mika provides an excellent Swedish massage. I have seen Mika during my trip; I Wish Mika was a therapist in NY!!! Her work is very relaxing and therapeutic. She knows where to find those tight spots that need the real work. It is very relaxing and calming. You emerge from a session feeling flexible, relaxed and very calm. For a therapeutic session that will leave you rejuvenated, I recommend her highly.-xoxo Phani



I've received several massages from Mika. Her massage technique and skills, combined with her warm and peaceful demeanor, and the utmost consideration and professionalism with her clients makes Mika a fantastic massage therapist. I highly recommend Mika for massage. I always left the massage sessions with Mika feeling complete relaxation and calm. TK


I have been a client of Mika’s for several times. I have been to dozens of spas over the past 10 years; Mika is by far the most professional, highly skilled masseuse that I have received a massage from. Her treatments are relaxing, soothing, & therapeutic. I would highly recommend her services.-Anthony